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Beautiful Autumn & Winter opportunities in the mountains, log fires, good food and wine

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Adventures at the Tops
Welcome to The Tops Organic Retreat newsletter

It is hard to believe that we are already in May, so maybe now is the time to think about a refreshing few days in the mountains.

Couples, families with children or groups all have the best of time here at The Tops on 2000 acres of beautiful mountain woodlands and rainforest walks.

We can also do a mid-week 3-night special Sunday to Thursday for 20% off the standard price, now that is a bargain!
When The Tops comes into its own

Secluded loft cabin

With the shortening of the days, the heat of the summer a memory, we now look forward to Autumn and Winter with those beautiful sunny days and cooler nights.  May brings the opportunity of roaring log fires and organic wine in the evenings keeping out the mountain chill, warming not only the body but also the soul is something we all look forward to.


Walking in the high country at this time of year is quite spectacular.  Misty mornings give way to days with bright blue skies making the eagles more visible as they soar overhead, or sit at the end of a branch of a dead tree surveying their territory.  They are always on the look out for a morsel to eat, then quite suddenly plummeting to earth with lightening speed to catch their quarry.  What a sight it is to see.


With the heat taken out of the late afternoon wallabies and other native creatures go about their business at a more reasonable hour for guests to enjoy.  


This is a magnificent time to enjoy the Barrington Tops not only walking in the hills but horse riding allows one to take in the breathtaking views at a more leisurley pace.  Fishing in our own little bit of paradise on the Dilgry River with the opportunity of landing some trout which you can bring back and cook up a delicious meal.  That is a special treat!


Recently we hosted winners of a MasterChef competition, Tony and Liz just loved Sharini's Sir Lankan curries and enjoyed all The Tops had to offer, lots of tennis, and 4WD-ing over the property.  


The Tops is at the gateway to the World Heritage Barrington Tops where waterfalls, great walks and fishing can be enjoyed.   


With June and July coming fast, so are the winter snows, with the opportunity of building snowmen or just walking with that delightful crunch underfoot!  


Something new for Wednesdays... John's organic wine talk and garden tour. Maximum of 12 people and a gold coin donation to the National Parks, bookings are essential


Tree planting at The Tops - please like us on facebook to plant another tree

To help our small band of koalas who have chosen to call The Tops their home we are now planting some of their favourite trees, the Sydney Blue Gum for those of you who liked us on facebook. While iKoala spotted on one of the walkst will be quite some years before these trees will be big enough and strong enough for koala food and habitat, it is a start to help these terrific shy creatures whose natural habitat in so many parts of New South Wales has been shrinking fast to the ever growing need for roads, industry and infrastructure.


The Tops Ladybug sustainable pod

Being at the forefront of technology is always exciting and now here is an opportunity to be a the forefront of sustainable living.  A Chris Haughton designed ladybug sustainable pod can be built at The Tops. 

You can buy the land and live your dream of a sustainable lifestyle.  Or you can buy the pod and allow The Tops Management Team to be responsible for renting of the accommodation.  10% returns available.  How about that! 




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Sharini's Sri-Lankan curry recipes



Johns fresh produce from the organic garden 

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