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Organic Wine & Ale Bar

We welcome you with a glass of Rosnay organic wine or real ale. If you prefer, you may have your complimentary drink with your evening meal.



Rosnay has been certified organic for over a decade and won many awards. In 1997, the family planted the first organic wines and olives. Richard and his son Sam run the vineyard and winemaking while Florence develops the olive products and is the artist behind the beautiful labels.


Not all the wine is preservative-free. But the guide for organic wine (125ppm sulphur) is half the mainstream wine limit, and Rosnay is less again. At Rosnay, they believe that the way wine is grown is more important: certified organic, high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but also with ability to age well.


The Rosnay red vineyards are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Mourverdre, making Cabernet and Shiraz varietal wines, and Rosnay’s signature wine the "Triple Blend." All are unoaked and medium bodied with a uniquely fine and earthy tannin. Rosnay does not add protein to soften these tannins, which naturally form sediments and crystals with bottle age.


The Rosnay white vineyards are Chardonnay and Semillon. They are made as varietals or blended. Organic fruit is also sourced to produce the very popular Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blend. The whites and rosé are all unoaked with natural fruit character and well-balanced acidity. Again, minimal additives are used.


rosnay organic wines


Rosnay's sparkling Vintage Chardonnay is picked early for natural acidity and low alcohol, both of which are key to good sparkling wine. It is fermented using the "charmat" method for natural bubbles and lively fruit. Sparkling Rosé is also made in natural, fruity and lively style.


Growing between the vineyards are about 2,400 olive trees. The Kalamata olives are fermented in salt brine using Murray River salt. The olives are hand graded but Rosnay tries to retain the natural mix of rich black and crunchy green Kalamata. Olive paste is made from the ripest Kalamata olives.


Enjoy these wines and olive products at The Tops Organic Restaurant and Wine bar. We also have wholesale case rates.