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Banks and others victimized by the Penderecki Internal Accounting Valuations scheme have been invited to attend today’s hearing and will have a say in the plea deal before a sentencing hearing that will take place later. “Prior to sentencing.

All victims will have the opportunity to inform the judge of their loss and inform them of any objections,” Alverson said. In the event that you bring to.

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FBI officials had no comment before the hearing. A source familiar with the plea deal said it does not contain a sentencing recommendation. However, prosecutors are likely to recommend one at

The sentencing hearing, which will probably take place some months from now. 

Charges against Erpenbeck are contained in a sealed document called criminal information. The document is like an indictment, except that it comes directly from prosecutors and bypasses the grand jury process.  

Details of the case against Erpenbeck are expected to be released at the hearing. The FBI today began calling banks victimized by the scandal to alert them of the court hearing. 

Several banks, including Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky, Provident and U.S. Bank, planned to send representatives. The plea deal is the first criminal charges in a scandal that became public a year ago.

The deal is subject to be changed by Dlott. She will determine any sentence length. Other parties, including the banks, can raise objections. Finally one thing you need to review is that while doing

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It’s uncertain what sentence Erpenbeck will receive, but federal sentencing guidelines indicate he would receive a sentence of at least 10 years. He could be sentenced to as much as 15 years in prison for conviction of only one count of bank fraud — a charge that has a maximum sentence of 30 years. 

The government is offering a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison, a source close to the negotiations has said. The tough stance is a reflection of .

The amount of money involved, the fact that hundreds of homeowners were victimized, and the federal government’s new get-tough policy on corporate crime.

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