Property Valuers and open data: the State opens up land data. Property valuation made easy.

The State, through Gérald Darmanin, Minister for Action and Public Accounts, announced at the beginning of the year the total opening in open data of the land data available on the Patrim file . A significant step forward for buyers and sellers of real estate, but also for companies, communities and of course real estate experts.

Obtaining a simple and reliable estimate of an apartment or a house is not always easy. Judging the value of a property has until now involved a significant amount of imprecision. Real estate appraisal specialists can provide some data, but it is difficult to know if it is up to date or not. Similarly, a watch on real estate ad sites can give some idea of ​​the market price. But the difference between the price displayed on the ad and the actual purchase price can be significant.

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